E-Commerce Services

E-Commerce Services

A large part of our work solves our clients’ challenges through our professional E-commerce services.

E-commerce Consulting

Whether you are new to the market or an existing brand owner now wants to shift to online business, we assist everyone to set up their business online and strategize for success. Our sessions and implementations will help you remove all obstacles in your business and trends towards profits.

E-commerce Training

The training program is intended to share immense knowledge on general e-commerce business to advanced Amazon based training to help sellers understand and scale their business. Ranging from a rapidly deployable 2 to 3-day full-stack training program for earlier stage ventures to more customized programs that include tactical advisory support from our team of experts.

E-commerce Management

Where your team stops, our starts. We manage your seller central in the backend while you can focus on other things in business. Our experts accelerate your marketplace business by onboarding you on marketplaces, optimize and manage your customer’s journey to drive sales.

A one-stop shop for Middle East marketplace needs.

Services Coach is leading e-commerce services provider agency. We assist our partners to sell on Amazon, Noon, Carrefour & other start ups in MENA. Our experts accelerate your marketplace business by on boarding you on above marketplaces, optimizing and managing your customer’s journey—from the images that grabs your attention to the content that drives your purchase—all while guiding you with high-level strategy and consulting by becoming your extended team.

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I. Seller Central Management Service

This is the first step to sell on any e-commerce platform. We offer complete support on account creation services for individuals and brand registration service for brand owners.


Each marketplace has a unique customer base and niche. Services Coach will assist client’s onboard relevant marketplaces to post due diligence as per the feasibility of the client’s products available in the region.

Our onboarding services include:
  • Individual owners account set up
  • Brand owners registration on the marketplace and account set-up
  • Setting up the bank account, VAT on the marketplace, for seamless payments
  • Setting up the shipping locations for pick-ups
  • Completing all necessary paperwork, answering queries and follow-ups with the marketplaces.


Listings are an integral part of e-commerce. Services Coach approach is to deliver the title with the right keywords, image, product description and product details correctly to enhance the customer purchase journey. Right Listing increases your product visibility which results in a higher ranking on the marketplace.

We optimize product listings to reach complete SEO potential. Our listing management team handles the complete listing process including:
  • Product Basic Photography/Lifestyle Photography
  • Basic listing of products
  • A+ content creation or Enhanced listings
  • Competitor listing analysis
  • Product detail upload on NIS template
  • Listing revisions and keywords enhancement
  • Brand Store Creation
  • Listing as per parent-child categorization
  • Image prioritization as per listing

The services coach helps you maintain a fully optimized product catalogue by doing the right data entry of product image, content, price and inventory, and assigning the products in the right categories and sub-categories with quality assurance. We believe in working on regular listing optimization audits than marketing bleeding to get revenue.

II. Business Scale-up & Maximizing Revenue

Services Coach will think ahead to set the stage to enable and support your revenue growth on marketplaces. Our team of e-commerce experts will lead you towards success. Our services include:

Pricing Analysis & Selection

A price is an important tool of sales promotion. Services Coach actively works with its clients to create a compelling offer for the consumers. We suggest you the right pricing of the products following the competitor’s price and market leader’s price by keeping in mind other key factors including marketplace fees, logistics charges, VAT.

  • We do price management daily by actively tracking online prices to ensure competitive pricing for your products after margin-analysis to increase profits.
  • We monitor and ensure that pricing and promotion guidelines are not breached while setting up coupons,deals or other marketing services.

Advertising & Management

Whether you’re looking to drive brand awareness, consideration of your product, brand, or service, drive purchases or increase loyalty, we’ll help you to find the right advertising solution to help drive measurable outcomes. Based on mutually agreed goals, our advertisings experts create well-calibrated and savvy campaigns using data, technology and creativity. We manage PPC, DSP and other Advertising Campaigns on leading marketplaces. We will :

  • Recommend a defined marketplace advertising strategy for higher sales.
  • Helps you to subscribe and leverage lightning deals, deals of the day, big sale days etc.
  • Negotiates the best advertising deals with marketplaces
  • Monitor your ACOS & ROAS to make sure it stays on track with your business goals.

Customer Review & Ratings

Customer reviews on marketplaces are a decisive factor for success. Reviews influence the purchase decisions of 80 percent of shoppers, emphasizing that businesses need to prioritize review management if they want to succeed. To be highly ranked for the most important keywords in listings, you should aim to have at least as many reviews as your competition.

  • Services Coach uses email automation tools for getting positive customer reviews on products purchased as well as the brand to increase CTR (Click-through rate) and product sales.
  • We deploy multiple methods to improve review conversions

Customer Queries Management

Our team provides shoppers with all the information they need to make a purchase. We respond, as well as coordinate with our brand partners to answer shopper queries, ensuring that they receive precise and up-to-date information on your products.

Negative Review Management

We adopt a proactive approach to negative reviews with our review management services. If a shopper posts a negative review, our team will respond and resolve the situation. With this approach, you demonstrate that you are active and responsive, which encourages shoppers to not just remove their negative comments but also give a positive feedback about the brands service orientation.

Inventory Planning Assistance

Services Coach assists its clients manage inventory, for maximizing sales.

  • We track sales and predicts inventory levels which helps in avoiding any stock out situation.
  • We prevent excess inventory blocking, maintaining optimum inventory levels to minimize storage cost and working capital.
  • We assist you to register with FBA’s and in getting delivery slots
  • We help in establishing tie-ups with leading 3rd party logistics companies across India, at the best prices, if our brand partners need so.

III. Account Health Management

Ensuring that your account health is imperative to success. Each marketplace has a unique set of metrics that they monitor and assess account health on. Services Coach provides:

  • Daily monitoring and maintenance to keep everything running and organized
  • Reminders and warnings, before SLA breeches
  • A comprehensive account health track report on a periodic basis, along with suggestions to improve the same.

Dashboards and MIS reports to improve visibility, so that clients can track performance of each task.

Managing Suppressed / Blocked ASINs

It would be good if properly set up listings will stay that way, but it is never that. ASINs may get blocked / supressed due to a multitude of reasons and keep you from selling. Our team ensures your listings are always active by managing issues like suppressed ASINs, policy or compliance violations, products flagged as hazmat, and more.

Compliances Management

Compliances, terms & conditions, policies and best practices change frequently on marketplaces. Our Account Managers focus on what’s ahead to keep your brand competitive, compliant and ahead of the competitors.

Reporting Deep-Dive

Our Account Managers share weekly and monthly reports that provide a high level view of your business across all marketplaces and deep ASIN level insights around sales, spends, impressions, clicks, CTR, TACoS etc. Further, we conduct fortnightly and monthly meetings with the clients to discuss the forward plan, in detail.

Brand Protection

Dealing with a counterfeit seller or hijacker can get expensive fast. As sellers, you’ll be facing constant challenges with your product listings. Without the necessary protection against these violators, your sales will take a huge impact, and so will your expenses.

At Services Coach, we want to alleviate these stresses by providing the support and assistance you need to protect your brand on marketplaces. Our team continuously monitors MAP violations and unauthorized sellers. We help you track and remove violators so that you can win the buy-box for your own brand and keep pricing integrity across channels.

Claims Management

We assist you in claims management. In case of any mismatch found during accounts reconciliation by your team, we raise tickets and follow-up with the respective marketplace to get the claims processed, thereby preventing revenue leakage.

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